The Doggy Bathroom Mini is launching on:

September 21st at 11am EST

The Doggy Bathroom Mini is launching on:September 21st at 11am EST


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Big potty solutionsfor the smallest breeds.

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The miniature version of our industry changing product.


The number one reason people are hesitant to get a dog is because of their dependent bathroom needs.
The Doggy Bathroom changes all of that.


Your dog will have their own indoor dog potty for when the weather is not on your side. 


After a few interactions with the Doggy Bathroom Mini, your dog will become familiar with the acceptable place to go indoors.


With perfect fitting pee pads, including vertical pee pads for leg lifters, cleaning is as easy as can be!

Created for


Yorkshire Terrier


Shih Tzu

Japanese Spitz



Toy Poodle

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How it works

Doggy Bathroom pads are replaced in 3 easy steps!

Lay down one Pee Pad inside the Doggy Bathroom.

Peel adhesive tape.

Affix one Pee Pad onto each rail.


This is what sets us apart from the rest.

Rubberized Base

Keeps in place

Pee Pad Absorption

Up to 1000ml

Compact Design

Perfect for small places

Effortless Cleanup

Easily removable pee pads

Reviews from our users

We have a history with making doggos and hoomans extra happy!

Jessica S.These boxes are of the very highest quality and I absolutely love them. Nice thick plastic, all smooth edges, just really beautifully crafted.
Andrea S.I purchased two Starter Kits for my three dogs. So much better than pee pads on the floor. Much cleaner and more sanitary.
Mary D.Their professionalism is why I'm writing this because I just wanted to support to a company with great customer service & product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doggybathroom Mini

Tip 1: Measure the length of your dog from the tip of the nose to the rump (beginning of the tail).

If 18 inches or less, the Doggy Bathroom Mini will be a great fit. If your dog exceeds the recommended length, consider the original Doggy Bathroom.

Tip 2: Measure the height of your dog from the withers (top of the shoulder) to the floor.

If 13 inches or less, the Doggy Bathroom Mini is right for your doggo! If your dog exceeds the recommended length, consider the original Doggy Bathroom.

*Please Note: The Doggy Bathroom may not fully cover the head of your dog. This does not affect the functionality of the product. When in doubt, go with the larger model. If your dog is a good fit for the Doggy Bathroom Mini for one measurement but is larger for the other measurement, we recommend sizing up and buying the Original Doggy Bathroom on our website. Do not rely exclusively on weight or breed.

The Doggy Bathroom Mini is a smaller version of our original Doggy Bathroom created especially for mini breeds up to 12 lbs. The original Doggy Bathroom is designed for small dogs weighing up to 20 lbs.

The original Doggy Bathroom is available for sale on our website.

The measurements for the Doggy Bathroom Mini are 24 inches length x 17 inches width x 13 inches height, while the measurements for the Original Doggy Bathroom are 28 inches length x 20 inches width x 16 inches height. All measurements are in inches.

The original Doggy Bathroom is available for sale on our website.

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New to Kickstarter? No problem. Follow these steps to get your Doggy Bathroom mini when we launch on Kickstarter:

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Any questions?

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